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September, 2007

October, 2006

November, 2005

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Date: September, 2007. Length: 3 min. Rebecca's Dance: a session with her physical therapist, Olivier. 

Video file size: 8 mb

Date: October, 2006. Length: 25 min. Rebecca recorded this word of encouragement for the women attending the Association of Covenant Ministries conference in Columbus. 

Video file size: 86.6 mb

(audio not yet available)

Date: November, 2005. Length: 17 min. Rebecca begins with a tour of her garden. Then she takes us inside, where we meet some of her friends and she shares a word of encouragement and hope from the Scriptures. Note: The first part of the video is shot outdoors. The lighting and sound are a bit rough. Things improve when we move indoors.

Video file size: 115.6 mb

Audio file size: 8.2 mb