About Syndication

Syndication is a way of subscribing to web pages that you're interested in. You decide what you want to see, and a syndication reader will pull it in for you. In some sense, it's the opposite of email: anyone that wants to can send you an email and then you have to decide whether to read it or not. With syndication, you only get what you choose to get. To use syndication on a site, the site itself has to be set up to offer it. Fortunately, lots do, including this one. You can recognize the availability of syndication by buttons that say , or .

On this site we've syndicated the blog part but not the rest. Later we plan to syndicate the whole site, including pictures and videos.

Here are some popular, free syndication readers.

About Podcasting

We're not podcasting yet, but plan to in the future. If you're interested, read on ...

Podcasting is a form of syndication, but it's targeted toward audio. A site that offers podcasting provides audio, usually in MP3 format; a podcast receiver automatically downloads the audio for you. It's call podcasting after Apple's IPod player. The idea is that audio files of interest are automatically loaded onto the player; all you have to do is pick it up and all the latest stuff is there waiting for you. But, you don't need to own an IPod to use podcasting. With a podcast receiver you can listen to the audio directly on your computer.